Ordering and Receiving Point of Care Testing Supplies

This quick reference table describes where all of the point of care testing supplies needed by a site can be ordered.

Receiving new testing kits

When a new shipment of testing kits arrives:

  • Store in the environmentally controlled area designated for kit storage
  • Store away from any existing kits, until the new kits can be tested with positive/negative quality controls; all existing lots/batches of kits should be used before starting the new ones
  • Check to make sure the new kits have not been frozen or damaged; frozen kits can be used if quality control tests provide correct results
  • Notify the quality assurance lead, so the process of quality control testing can begin
  • Confirm the shipment and record the kit lot number and kit lot quantities in the HIV Rapid Test Program Inventory Management portal

Damaged kits should be reported through the Inventory Management portal. An order with more than 5% damaged kits, or damaged quality controls (positive/negative) should be reported to the AIDS and Hepatitis C Program immediately.