Managing a Testing Site

Managing an HIV point of care testing site means ensuring that people who visit your site are receiving ARCCH testing. It also means ensuring your site is providing optimal test accuracy.
To oversee and ensure that quality standards are maintained, each site appoints a quality assurance lead. This individual may be the testing site’s manager, supervisor, or another staff member tasked with these responsibilities.
The quality assurance lead oversees testing processes at the site. They :

Use the links above to learn more about the requirements for sites in each area. A brief Operating Guide for HIV POC sites is also available for download.

Quality Assurance Responsibility

The quality assurance lead at your site is one link in the chain of responsibility that ensures the highest standards for point of care testing in Ontario. Additional quality assurance partners include the test manufacturer, the AIDS and Hepatitis C Program of the Ministry and the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare, as well as the  HIV testers at each site. Review the responsibilities of each of these quality assurance partners.