Quality Assurance Standards during Outreach Testing

Sites must maintain quality assurance and storage standards wherever testing is being done, including at outreach venues or outdoors at community events.

Temperature and Kit Storage

Kits cannot be stored overnight or for any extended period in locations/spaces (e.g., vehicles or private homes) where there is no capacity to monitor the temperature. Even for short periods, kits should not be held in area where the temperature is likely to exceed 30°C. Because testing kits can be stored between 2-30°C, a bar fridge or refrigeration in a nearby space may be an appropriate solution for warm weather outdoor events.

Testing and Counseling space

The space where counselling will be conducted and test kits analyzed should be private. It should contain an appropriate flat, level surface on which to do the test in order to avoid spillage. Staff may need a carrying case and clipboard. If it is the practice at your site to analyze the kit out of the site of the patient, you will also need to consider how to accommodate this practice.

Waste Disposal

Services at outreach venues must have access to biohazardous waste disposal including a sharp’s container for used lancets.