HIV Rapid Test Program Inventory Management Portal

Testing sites manage many of their supplies through the HIV Rapid Test Program Inventory Management portal.

HIV point of care test kits are shipped to Ontario by the manufacturer in British Columbia. They are stored at the Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service (OGP) warehouse in Toronto for distribution across the province. Other supplies are provided directly by the manufacturer and by other vendors/providers.

The HIV Rapid Test Program Inventory Management portal is used by sites to order the following:

  • POC testing kits
  • positive and negative quality controls
  • certification panels
  • bulbs and capillary action pipettes
  • lancets

It is important to become familiar with supply packaging to ensure the proper handing of materials, especially materials that require immediate refrigeration. The HIV POC Testing Supplies Quick Reference Card also indicates which supplies require refrigeration.

The portal is also used by sites to:

  • report on the usage of POC test kits only (see below)
  • confirm shipment of new kits and the lot numbers of kits received (It is not necessary to confirm receipt of quality controls, certification panels or other supplies)
  • monitor the inventory at POC test kits at your site – including a review of past/pending orders, the number of unused kits in your current inventory, and the expiry dates of the kits you have in storage

The AIDS and Hepatitis C Program uses the data collected through the portal to monitor HIV POC test usage for the province as an early warning about any problems with the test/testing procedures and to ensure compliance with quality assurance procedures. When a site is established, the supervisor/quality assurance lead will be given log-in credentials and will be asked to review the user guide on the ordering portal.

Information about kit usage must be updated in the portal prior to ordering any new kits. For more about kit usage reporting, see the user guide within the Inventory Management portal and the brief training on Monthly Summary Reporting.

The AIDS and Hepatitis C Program monitors the inventory system regularly.  If a site appears to be over-ordering supplies or using expired tests, the Ministry will investigate.  During the investigation, all new orders will be withheld.